Globally Known Businesses

Strategically Located For Corporate Tax Incentives

Industries looking for a centralized location, stable government and some of the best tax incentives in the world. With a business friendly environment, highly educated bilingual workforce, well developed infrastructure and the most stable government in Central America, Costa Rica is overflowing with opportunities for companies that are poised for growth and are looking to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Quantum FZ is designed for industries looking to capitalize on the proximity to the new APM Mega Port in Moin, the newly expanded Panama Canal, and ultimately the Americas and Europe. It’s centralized location is less than a day’s travel from the Panama Canal and only 3 miles from the APM Mega Port in Moin.

Value Added Manufacturing

Quantum Free ZoneQuantum FZ affords its tenants with the ability to import parts and materials from Asia tax free and manufacture or assemble products destined for export to the Americas in a government sanctioned tax free regime. These newly assembled products can be then sold to countries who are part of the NAFTA or CAFTA treaties without the traditional taxes and tariffs levied against Asian products.


Agrochemical_Free_ZoneThe manufacturing and mixing of agrochemicals is highly restricted in and around Limon, Costa Rica and the new APM Mega Port. Quantum FZ has one of the only Free Zones in the region that is zoned for industrial manufacturing which allows for agrochemical production.

Manufacturing for Export

Manufactured Goods for ExportQuantum FZ is the solution for companies who currently manufacture products for export in San Jose or other parts of Costa Rica or Central America. Now, those companies finally have an option that can lower their cost of logistics while providing them with major tax savings.