Democratic Republic Defined in 1949

Culture Embraces a Friendly and Educated Population

Costa Rica has evolved into a consolidated industrial sector that exported $8.7 Billion USD this past year. Companies have identified Costa Rica as an ideal platform for exports with a series of competitive advantages over other countries in the region. Over 93.4% of export goods are covered by Free Trade Agreements and investment and protection agreements are in place with 14 countries.

With a proven track record of 120 years of solid democracy, economic and political stability, Costa Rica is unmatched as the top choice for investing in the region.

Premier Transshipment Point

Costa Rica has a workforce that stands out for its high educational standards and outstanding productivity levels. These capabilities along with vast experience manufacturing goods have positioned Costa Rica as the most popular nearshore location for companies in the US as well as a strategic offshore setting for European companies. Now with the new APM Mega Port in Moin, logistics capabilities will greatly expand, transforming Costa Rica into the premier transshipment point in the Americas.

  • Almost 100% of electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources
  • Costa Rica encompasses only 0.03% of the worlds surface, but it is the home of 5% of Earth’s biodiversity
  • No Army since 1949
  • At 97.4% Costa Rica’s literacy rate is one of the highest in Latin America
  • Costa Rica is #1 in Latin America for collaboration in labor-employee relations
  • According to Site Selection Magazine, Cista Rica is among the top 10 “Best to Invest” countries in the world